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Vibro Screen

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Vibro Screen
Vibro Screen
Vibro Screen
Vibro Screen

Jyoti India’s foremost Vibro Separator Manufacturer whose Vibro screen and gyro screen equipments have successfully catered to the needs of various industries. As a leading Gyro screen and Vibro screen manufacturer in India we have been able to penetrate into the market with the support of our strong technical excellence in this field. Utilization of hi-tech machineries and modern infrastructure has a major share in our success.

Jyoti Vibro separator machineries are equipped to be able to remove the materials of different nature, grades and sizes and pass through a series of screens; the purpose is to ensure an easy separation. The versatile design of our product such as the Gyro Screen enables users to perform operations which include grading, classification, filtration, oversize and undersize removals and separation which depends on the material size. These devices are efficient for wet and dry screening which makes it more efficient. In the wake of this competitive age, we as the foremost Gyro screen and Vibro screen manufacturer in India have consistently adhered to International quality standards.

Product Details

FoodDehydrated Food, Spices, Flour
AgroGuar Gum, Isabgul
SeedWheat, Sesame, Whole Spices, Nut, Castor, Soya
CeramicsZircon, Glazed Tiles, China Clay
PaperPaper, Paper board, Duplex
OilCastor, Ground Nut, Soyz, Oil Seeds
Plastics Rotomoulding, Reprocessed Granule, PVC Resin, PVC Cables
Paint IndustryPigments, Emulsions, Aluminium paste, Varnish, Solvent etc.
ChemicalDyes/Intermediates, Paints/Pigments, Pesticides, Salt
PharmayShifting, Tablet De-dusting, Granule Grading
metalFerro Alloys, C.L. Power, Foundries
AbrasivesMinerals, Ores, Refractory, Silica
OtherFoundry Sand, Telfon Power, Bone Chips

Product Dimension:

Model No.Motor,3 HPAA-1BB-1CDEFGHIO


Principle :

J.V.S. (Jyoti Vibro Screen) is designed for principle of the gyratory motion. The vibrations are produces by the two peculiar weights mounted scheduled on particularly designed vibratory motor which is heavy duty and double ended. The Gyro Screen imparts the combination of vertical as well as horizontal vibration like material moves with definite path prior to this is discharged through the machine. The Gyro Screen gives enormous deal of bending the machine for specific applications.

Product Design :

Jyoti Vibro Separator is specially designed for most challenging duties where consistent and high performance is requirement. We have included strength, flexibility, quality, and the user expediency in such way that Jyoti Vibro Separator is getting wide acceptance with cross sections of the industries for different duties already mentioned.

As professional Vibro separator manufacturers we have always given our best efforts and services in the production of Vibro screen and gyro screen equipments. The popularity of our products related to Vibro separator has given us the recognition in this domain. As a Gyro screen manufacturer in India we have been able to keep up to our reputation in providing customized machines as per the required specification targeted for various applications and processes.

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